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Cheese “Tetilla”

Cheese “Tetilla”

The Queixo Tetilla P.D.O. covers cheese made using milk from the Galician Rubia breed, Friesian and brown Alpine breeds.

Tasting notes

The cheeses weight between 0.5 and 1.5 Kg.This cheese is characterised by its conical or conicalconvex shape, with a fine, elastic rind at least 3mm thick, with a yellow to light yellow colour, without moulds. The cheese is soft, creamy and even in texture, with few holes, and with a white, ivory white or light yellow colour. Its aroma, gentle and slightly acid, is reminiscent of the raw material, with a slightly acid, salty flavour reminiscent of butter. The minimum period of maturity is seven days after being removed from the brine vat.

Once matured, Tetilla cheese with a P.D.O. has a fat content in dry extract no lower than 45%.


Milk destined for the cheese must be natural, whole fat milk from healthy cows without flakes, preservatives or medicinal products.

Tetilla cheese is the result of a maturing or fermentation processes that starts with the recently collected milk, continuing with the coagulation and chemical transformations that define the product and are a result of the symbiosis between the cow and its environment, and its ability to transmit its identity in this process. One of the factors that best defines the quality of Tetilla Cheese is the degree to which the aforementioned breeds of cattle are adapted to their environment.

Our Tetilla cheeses

FROM GALICIA GROUP has the pleasure to introduce you the 2011 cheese winner in the Galician Official Taste of Cheeses & Honey in its category.